Sunday, July 7, 2013

Product review Kreyol essence.

I had the pleasure to try a new brand of natural hair product. Kreyol Essence. The products were given to me. I really like the story behind the creation of Kreyol Essence as well as its active involvement in Haitian economy. By providing much needed jobs in Haiti the owner created quality products ( in my own opinion). Like the saying goes give a man a fish you have fed him for today, teach him how to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.

Now on to the products. I was given the Pomad Kreyol, the Palma Christi haitian black castor oil peppermint and the Palma Shea goat milk and cream.

Palma christi. 

What the site says about it:
Peppermint/ Arôme Mant: Energizing and Relieves Stress, Palma Christi: Haitian Black Castor Oil synergistically  works with Peppermint menthol  to cool skin, nourish dull skin, stimulates hair follicles and grow hair. With stress and mental exhaustion at bay, the immune system is stronger and, in turn, this leads to healthier body, skin and hair.

Thicken and nourish hair | Prevent hair loss| Rejuvenate and moisturizes skin to keep wrinkles at bay| Prevent scars and stretch marks| Remove calluses, corns, warts, and moles | Encourage nail growth | Relieve arthritis, back pain and muscle aches | And so much more!

Hair growth: Apply directly to the scalp and rub in with fingers for maximum penetration of oil.
Deep Conditioner: Add to your favorite conditioner or place in hair as hot oil treatment for 30-60minutes with heat. For extremely damaged hair leave on overnight. Skin: Add generously to bath water and soak in the moisture and aroma.
Body Aches: For healing of tissues and organs, soak flannel in castor oil and place in the area of pain. Corns: By applying castor oil once or twice daily to the corns, then surround the corn with an adhesive corn pad, which is cut out in the middle. 
Nails: Apply the oil to your nails with a cotton swab. Apply freely to cuticles. 

The ingredients : Pure Haitian Castor Oil (Lwil Maskreti), Essential Oils

My review:

Ok now looking at the ingredients I can only be delighted no chemicals just oils. 
  • The texture: If you have already used castor oil you know it is really thick and can be viscous. 

  • The scent: I chose the peppermint scent and I loved it, it smelled like mint gum. Plus it feels refreshing when applying it on the scalp.

Since it is really viscous I prefer to use it with other oils so that it is less thick, or I also use it mixed with my condish to make it a deep condish. 
  • As a deep condish I loved it. It left my hair super soft, super moisturized ( I tend to have dry hair after a shampoo session).

  • As a sealer, I used it after applying my leave in conditioner Jane Carter and sealed with the Palma Christi mixed with other oils ( avocado, sesame, passion fruit oils) paying special attention to my dry ends which were not as dry since I used the Palma christi to deep condish my hair. As a result my hair were even more supple, shiny and my ends less rough, I also noticed it weighed my hair down a bit so I got stretched hair without using heat.  Gotta put it back as one of my staple products in my hair regiment. Here are some pictures. 

Where you can find it.
Check out their website Kreyol essence

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